Acromegaly Treatment Goals:

For you, blocking GH action to help achieve IGF-I control7
For your patient, overall symptom improvement1

Consider your goal of controlling acromegaly, and your patients' need for relief from disease signs and symptoms. SOMAVERT® has been shown to block growth hormone action, normalize IGF-I levels, and improve the overall signs and symptoms of acromegaly (soft-tissue swelling, arthralgia, headache, perspiration and fatigue) in a majority of patients in clinical trials.1 Take a look to learn about SOMAVERT and:

  • Efficacy
    SOMAVERT normalized
    IGF-I levels in a majority of patients, sustained normal levels over time... and, achieved clinically significant improvement of signs and symptoms.1
  • Tumor Data
    Overall mean tumor size remained unchanged in clinical trials.1

Moving forward with SOMAVERT®

Walter, taking SOMAVERT
to manage his acromegaly

Pfizer Bridge Program®*

Comprehensive, dedicated,
one-on-one support to
help your patients get on therapy quickly

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AcroTracker App

AcroTracker, an iPhone app developed by Pfizer, helps your patients track acromegaly symptoms and injections, and share them with you

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