Committed to the hemophilia B community for more than 20 years1,*
  • Over 20 studies, including more than 1500 patients3
  • More than 10 billion IU manufactured4
  • Available in hundreds of institutions nationwide4
  • 99% of commercially insured patients have access to BeneFIX4

Our clinical history1,2,4
rFIX, recombinant factor IX.
Complex protein production

Established cell line shown to be free of foreign agents and capable of producing large amounts of rFIX in an albumin-free medium5,6,†


Advanced purification

Customized purification processes designed with viral safety in mind5,6


Quality validation

Over 150 quality control examinations are performed on each batch of BeneFIX  to help ensure a consistent purification process7

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells used to manufacture BeneFIX are grown in media containing no added human or animal components.2