Rapid Reconstitution (R2) Kit

The BeneFix R2 Kit offers a fast preparation process2

Travel-ready kit with room temperature storage2

  1. Gauze pad, bandage, alcohol swabs
  2. Needleless rapid reconstitution reduces the risk of punctures
  3. 25-guage Terumo® safety shield needle
  4. Clear vial adapter to confirm a good connection
  5. Prefilled diluent syringe means fewer components and fast preparation

Convenient room temperature storage

  • 2°C to 30°C/36°F to 86°F2
  • Up to 2 years until expiration
  • Do not use BeneFix after the expiration date on the label2
  • Do not freeze to prevent damage to the diluent syringe2
  • The product does not contain a preservative and should be used within 3 hours of reconstitution2


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