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Pfizer Community Connections Program

The hemophilia-focused series addresses the challenges of hemophilia and covers a wide range of topics that directly impact patients, caregivers, and health care professionals. Presented by your local Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison, past programs have included:

  • Constructive Conversations
  • Step It Up! Being More Active With Hemophilia
  • Hemophilia: An Overview
  • Considerations for the Bleeding Disorder Community: Dealing With Persistent Pain
  • Exploring Emotional Well-Being in the Hemophilia Community
  • Planning Ahead: Aging With Hemophilia
  • Pfizer and You
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Infusion Support for Caregivers of Patients With Hemophilia
  • Getting Real: Being a Teen or Young Adult (With Hemophilia)


To learn more about the Pfizer Community Connections Program or to arrange for a presentation, contact your Pfizer Hemophilia representative or e-mail [email protected].