Dosing and administration

BOSULIF (500 mg): Taken once a day with food—no fasting required1
Available in 500-mg and 100-mg tablets, BOSULIF provides HCPs flexibility in therapy management and gives patients the convenience of once-daily dosing
Taken with food—no fasting required
Once-daily oral administration
Available in 500-mg and 100-mg tablets
Once-daily dosing1
  • The recommended dose and schedule of BOSULIF is 500 mg orally once daily with food
    — Continue treatment with BOSULIF until disease progression or patient intolerance
  • If a dose is missed beyond 12 hours, the patient should skip the dose and take the usual prescribed dose on the following day
Different tablet strengths allow you to tailor treatment
  • BOSULIF is available in 500-mg and 100-mg tablets
  • 100-mg tablets allow for flexible dosing
Tablets are not shown actual size.
To learn about how to help manage adverse reactions with dose adjustments, click here.

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