Dosing & Administration

Total infusion time is based on the rate of infusion1
A range of infusion rates, starting at 1 mg/kg/min up to a maximum of ≤12 mg/kg/min, as tolerated1,2*
*The figure above is based on the ramp-up schedule for OCTAGAM 10% valid for a 1 g/kg dose.
Ensure that patients with pre-existing renal insufficiency are not volume depleted. For patients at risk of renal dysfunction or thromboembolic events, administer OCTAGAM 10% at the minimum infusion rate practicable, not to exceed 3.3 mg/kg/min (0.03 mL/kg/min). Discontinue OCTAGAM 10% if renal function deteriorates.
  • Administer OCTAGAM 10% at a total dose of 2 g/kg, divided into 2 doses of 1 g/kg (10 mL/kg) given on 2 consecutive days1
  • Monitor the patient carefully throughout the infusion1
    • Certain adverse events may be related to the rate of infusion
    • Slowing or stopping the infusion usually allows the symptoms to disappear promptly
    • Once symptoms subside, the infusion may then be resumed at a lower rate
Preparation and handling of OCTAGAM 10%: DOs and DON’Ts1
DO visually inspect OCTAGAM 10% for particulate matter and discoloration before using (if the solution and container permit).1
DO use right away after the bottle has been entered or opened, and throw away partially used bottles. OCTAGAM 10% contains no preservatives—it is for single use only.1
DO pool the contents of OCTAGAM 10% bottles under aseptic conditions and sterile infusion bags and infuse within 8 hours after pooling.1
DO flush the infusion line before and after administration of OCTAGAM 10%, if needed, with either normal saline or 5% dextrose in water.1
DO administer OCTAGAM 10%, which should be kept at room temperature, only by the IV route.1
DO select (if using) an in-line filter with a pore size of 0.2-200 microns. OCTAGAM 10% is not supplied with an infusion set.1
DO insert the needle only once within the delineated stopper area.1
DO penetrate the stopper perpendicular to its plane and within the ring.1
DON’T use if turbid and/or discolored.1
DON’T mix with other medicinal products.1
DON’T administer with other IV preparation in the same infusion set.1
DON’T mix with other IgIV products.1
DON’T freeze OCTAGAM 10%.1
DON’T use if OCTAGAM 10% is frozen.1
DON’T use after expiration date.1
DON’T dilute OCTAGAM 10%.1
DON’T use a needle larger than 16 gauge, to prevent the possibility of coring.1
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