Physician resources

You can play a critical role by recommending vaccination. To help you integrate Prevnar 13® into your practice, the following resources can be used to:
Educate patients about pneumococcal pneumonia and how Prevnar 13® can help protect against it
Patient Take-home Sheet
provides patients who received Prevnar 13® during hospitalization with a record of their vaccination to share with other HCPs.
Help with Prevnar 13® coverage and coding
CMS Reimbursement Resource Sheet
supports accurate billing and reimbursement for Prevnar 13® for patients with commercial insurance or Medicare Part B coverage, along with a link to the updated Medicare reimbursement website.
Help improve the efficiency of your practice and increase vaccination rates
Standing Order Form
a standing order template in accordance with the ACIP pneumococcal recommendations for adults 65 and older.
ACIP=Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices; CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CMS=Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.