2-Octyl vs Butyl

2-Octyl vs Butyl
2-octyl cyanoacrylates vs butyl cyanoacrylates
When compared with butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives in pre-clinical study conditions, 2-octyl cyanoacrylates showed*
Stronger adhesion
Increased wound-bursting
Better adhesive
  • 2-octyl cyanoacrylates have long chains, which help them form flexible and strong bonds1,3
The 2-octyl cyanoacrylate used in these studies was Dermabond®.1-3
*The testing results of adhesion strength, wound-bursting strength, or adhesive flexibility are not indicative of clinical outcomes or performance.
References: 1. Singer AJ, Quinn JV, Hollander JE. The cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesives. Am J Emerg Med. 2008;26(4):490-496. 2. Singer AJ, Perry LC, Allen RL. In vivo study of wound bursting strength and compliance of topical skin adhesives. Acad Emerg Med. 2008;15(12):1290-1294. 3. Bouten PJ, Zonjee M, Bender J, et al. The chemistry of tissue adhesive materials. Prog Polym Sci. 2014;39(7):1375-1405.