Patient Adherence

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Tools that help patients finish TRUMENBA

Pfizer TruSupport offers tools that will help your patients stay on track with TRUMENBA, so you can rest assured they’re protected against MenB.

  • Your patients value and trust your recommendation. At the time of their first dose, communicate the importance of dose series completion to your patients and their parents and schedule their next dose appointment.
  • Reminder email and letter series to help get patients back to your practice to finish the MenB vaccination series

    Postcard reminders

    Reminder Recall programs can help increase awareness to patients who are due a first or subsequent dose of TRUMENBA at an upcoming well visit.

    Patients who receive postcard reminders are 40% more likely to get vaccinated.3

    Talk to a Pfizer Sales Representative for more information.

Pharmacy locator

  • Online locator that patients can use to find the nearest pharmacy that vaccinates with TRUMENBA
  • Especially helpful for college students who are unable to return to your practice for their next dose of TRUMENBA

Contact your Pfizer Sales Representative or call a Vaccine Specialist at
to learn more about Pfizer TruSupport.