Specialty Pharmacies

XALKORI® (crizotinib) is available through specific specialty pharmacies
To help patients access the medication you’ve prescribed, Pfizer Oncology Together™ can identify specialty pharmacy options. If you prefer, you and your staff can also continue to work directly with specialty pharmacies.
Contact the specialty pharmacy directly to fill the prescription if one of the following applies:
  • Your office knows the patient’s specialty pharmacy
  • Your patient knows that the specialty pharmacy is covered in his/her plan and that the pharmacy is in the treatment network
  • Your office uses a specialty pharmacy that is in the patient’s network
Specialty pharmacy ordering process
The provider’s office:
  • Submits prescriptions to the specialty pharmacy via phone, fax, or online
  • Submits any supporting documentation to the payer
The specialty pharmacy:
  • Verifies the patient’s coverage
  • Helps with prior authorization if required
  • Can help patients seek co-pay assistance
  • Schedules shipment of product to the patient’s home
  • Bills the payer for the cost of the product
  • Bills the patient for remaining co-pay/coinsurance
Visit PfizerOncologyTogether.com to see the complete list of specialty pharmacies in the XALKORI distribution network.
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