Patient Profiles

Consider XYNTHA for your patients who live actively

For your active patients who are adventurous
ACTIVE IS crew practice during the week, jogging whenever he gets a chance, and biking with friends this weekend


  • 20
  • Dorm-living student athlete
  • Active class, sport, and work schedules
Treatment Needs:
  • A treatment indicated to control and prevent bleeds
  • The flexibility to infuse with a travel-ready kit

For your patients who live on the go
ACTIVE IS the office soccer league 2 days a month, maybe a hike on Saturday, and a music festival next weekend


  • 28
  • Travels frequently for work
  • Busy and unpredictable social and work schedules
  • Often makes spur-of-the-moment plans with friends
Treatment Needs:
  • A treatment that can control and prevent bleeds 
  • Portability for a life on the go

For your patients who do it themselves
ACTIVE IS coaching his son’s soccer game, working on the rebuild in the garage, and a whole lot of yard work this weekend  


  • 42
  • Small business owner with big responsibilities
  • Married with 2 young children
Treatment Needs:
  • A treatment that allows him to infuse on-the-go
  • Bleed protection when he needs it

For your patients who are always running around
ACTIVE IS an afternoon on the playground, T-ball practice during the week, and fun at a birthday party this weekend


  • 5
  • A ball of energy on the school playground
  • Extremely social at school, at home, and in his swimming class
  • Always on an adventure and exploring his independence
Treatment Needs:
  • His parents want a treatment that can control and prevent bleeds and prepare him to live actively